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Charlotte, NC 28241
(704) 588-2600

Current Schedule

Are you interested in performing at one of the following Festival dates? If so, simply register your band, orchestra or choir by signing up now!

Type Warm-Up Time Perform Time School Ensemble
Band/Orchestra 9:50 AM 10:15 AM Holbrook Middle School Holbrook Middle School Band
Choir 10:10 AM 10:20 AM Hartsville High School HHS Singers
Band/Orchestra 10:15 AM 10:40 AM Pending
Choir 10:30 AM 10:40 AM Hartsville High School Red Fox Choir
Band/Orchestra 10:40 AM 11:05 AM Dubose Middle School DMS 7th and 8th Grade Orchestra
Choir 10:50 AM 11:00 AM Hartsville High School Freshmen Select
Band/Orchestra 11:05 AM 11:30 AM Hamlet Middle School Hamlet Middle Band
Choir 11:10 AM 11:20 AM Pending
Choir 11:30 AM 11:40 AM Pendleton Elementary School PES Chorus
Choir 11:50 AM 12:00 PM Meadowlark Middle School Touring Chorus
Band/Orchestra 11:55 AM 12:20 PM Central Middle School Central Middle School Lion Pride Band
Band/Orchestra 12:45 PM 1:10 PM Student Group Tours Inc./Madras MS Madras Middle Wind Ensemble
Choir 12:50 PM 1:00 PM Meadowlark Middle School 7th Grade Chorus
Choir 1:10 PM 1:20 PM Meadowlark Middle School 6th Grade Chorus
Band/Orchestra 1:10 PM 1:35 PM Mid-Carolina High School Mid-Carolina High School Concert Band
Choir 1:30 PM 1:40 PM    
Band/Orchestra 1:35 PM 2:00 PM Creative Group Tours Gwinnett MST Honor Orchestra
Choir 1:50 PM 2:00 PM St. James Middle School SJMS Chorus
Band/Orchestra 2:00 PM 2:25 PM Creative Group Tours Gwinnett MST Band
Choir 2:10 PM 2:20 PM Woodmont Middle School Woodmont Middle School Chorus
Band/Orchestra 2:25 PM 2:50 PM St. James Middle School 8th Grade String Orchestra
Choir 2:30 PM 2:40 PM    
Choir 2:50 PM 3:00 PM    
Band/Orchestra 2:50 PM 3:15 PM Hanahan Middle School Hanahan Middle Junior Band
Choir 3:10 PM 3:20 PM West Wilkes High School West Wilkes High School Chorus
Band/Orchestra 3:15 PM 3:40 PM Aynor High School Aynor High (Blue Jacket) Orchestra
Choir 3:30 PM 3:40 PM Hughes Academy Hughes Academy Chorus
Band/Orchestra 3:40 PM 4:05 PM    
Choir 3:50 PM 4:00 PM Sullivan's Island Elementary Sullivan's Island Singers
Band/Orchestra 4:05 PM 4:30 PM St. James Middle School St. James Middle School 8th Grade Band
Band/Orchestra 4:30 PM 4:55 PM    
Band/Orchestra 4:55 PM 5:20 PM Woodmont Middle School Woodmont Middle School Concert Band
Band/Orchestra 5:20 PM 5:45 PM    
Band/Orchestra 5:45 PM 6:10 PM Hughes Academy Hughes Academy String Orchestra